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Principal's Message

“Rise with education” is the motto of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce. The College has truly risen from a simple beginning in 1998 to be the most popular Institution in Navi Mumbai. The College has grown slowly and steadily to meet the educational needs of the residents of Navi Mumbai.

The College firmly believes that education is for improving the lives of all concerned and for leaving the community and the world better than we found it. Thus, the focus of the College is both student and society centric.

While doing full justice to the syllabi offered by the Mumbai University, the College goes beyond the boundaries of traditional education and attempts to build such citizens who would make a difference to the world at large. The quest quotient is given a lot of importance and opportunities that throw challenges are sought after and capitalized.

The student community is a mixture of differing backgrounds, versatile skills and full of dreams to reach the stars. To channelize this fertile energy in appropriate paths is the supreme responsibility of any educational institution. Hence, The NSS unit, the Students’ Council, Women’s Development Cell and all the Courses of the College, keep Social Responsibility as a major aspect in planning their activities.

As the College treads in its path to growth, the vision of the College is to see that its students become either entrepreneurs or employable in the competitive world. The differently abled, underprivileged are all given equal status.

With ever advancing technology and information explosion that is happening all round, the capabilities of students can be stretched to unimaginable lengths. The College believes that a proper collaboration between the efforts of the staff and students will have a synergistic effect.

As more and more opportunities are identified our College is sure to reach greater heights.


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