Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Research comprises of "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. To research is to purposely and methodically search for new knowledge and practical solutions in the form of answers to questions formulated beforehand.

Research is conducted with a certain objective. The objective that you want to attain with your research is called the research objective. For instance, this could be that you want to improve the efficiency of your practicing. To attain this goal you ask yourself questions (research questions).

You ask yourself how you practice and whether this is the most effective method. In doing so you are defining the problem.

A research plan consists of a problem definition and a research plan. The research plan is part of the research report. Added to this are the research data, the analysis of this data, and the valuation/assessment (which knowledge has the research yielded and to which extent has the research goal been accomplished). By writing a report about the research process the researcher makes his research replicable and verifiable. Others can benefit from this, criticise it or base their follow-up research on it.

The research Committee members are:

  • Prof Dr. Neera Kumar (Co-ordinator, BMS)
  • Prof Koel Roy Choudhury (Co-ordinator, BFM)
  • Prof Swati Vitkar (Co-ordinator, MSc. IT)
  • Prof Indumathi Balachandar (Co-ordinator, BAF)


Research Conferences


Research Study Centre

Keeping in mind the research needs of the faculty members, a study centre for Research was set up in the library reading room of SIES (Nerul) college. It was inaugurated by the SIES president Dr. V. Shankar and members of the managing council along with the principal Dr. Rita Basu. The Research centre is equipped with 8 computers having internet facility and software needed for the same. This research study centre would help faculty members to spear head their research work, and enhance their professional growth.





Research Conferences

  • NATCON – Annual national Research Conference on 3rd December 2011
  • INNOVA 2014 - National Conference on New Horizons in Business Economics & Management on 21st and 22nd February 2014

Research Workshops

The college had organised one day workshop on 16th December 2013 on “Research Methodology” By Ms. Neha Madhiwala from TISS. The aim of the workshop was to:
  1. Cultivate research attitude amongst post graduate students.
  2. Importance of writing research paper
  3. How to write research paper
  4. How to publish
  5. Do’s and don’t s while writing research paper
  6. Selection of the topic
  7. The workshop was followed by FAQ session.

Students and Faculty members were highly benefitted by workshop.

The college organized a Research Conference “Recent Trends in Technology, Management and Environment” on 28th January 2014.

The honorable Chief Guest Dr.Vibhuti Patel, Professor and head of the University Department of Economics and Director, Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research of SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and holds a Doctorate in Economics, inaugurated the session , followed by thoughts expressed by convener Ms. Swati Vitkar who motivated the students towards research activities. Principal Dr.Rita Basu also guided the students, which set the mood for the research atmosphere. A total of 40 young researchers presented their research papers.

Best paper awards
  1. Technology Track- AditiChiklikar (Patkar College, MSc.IT), Sharath Nair (SIES GST, C.S.Engg.), Kauleshwar Pandey (SIES, Nerul, MSc.IT).
  2. Environment Track- Ms.Ashwathi Nair (MSc. Evs)
  3. Management Track- Ms.ChristinaSunny(MCom)

The stupendous effort jointly put forth by MSc.IT, MSc.Environmental Science, and MCom departments made the one day event a grand success.

Research committee report (first term) 2016-17— ACTIVITY 1 SPSS WORKSHOP

DATE: 6th August 2016 VENUE: SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Resource person: Dr. P.V.Ranjith from SIESCOMS

SPSS workshop was organized by Research Committee on 06th August, 2016 for teaching staff. Dr. P.V.Ranjith from SIESCOMS was the resource person. Topics like introduction to SPSS, statistical analysis, manipulating data, generating table and graphs,basic descriptive statistics, such as average and prevalence,to advanced inferential statistical, such as regression model, analysis of variance (ANOVA) were covered. Total 29 faculty members attended the workshop. Theoretical topics were covered in the morning session and hands on practice was done post lunch.


ACTIVITY 2 WORKSHOP on “Research Orientation with special reference to AVISHKAR ”

DATE: 19th October 2016 VENUE: SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

Workshop on “Research Orientation with special reference to AVISHKAR ” was organized by Research Committee for Post graduate students from M.Sc. IT, M.Sc. CS, M.Sc. EVS department. Dr. Jyoti. Koliyar from M.Sc. EVS department and Dr. Neera. Kumar from BMS department explained the importance of research, and details about AVISHKAR.