What Parents Say?

SIES has been a blessing. The way I've seen my child transform in this institution, not just as a professional, but also as a human being, is admirable. The college provides a variety of services to students allowing them to grow freely and be scuplted into great citizens by the time they part with the college. I could never have found a better place to place my child in.
- Chandershekhar Agarwal
(CEO, APM Integrated Logistics & Brilliant Transport Pvt. Ltd.)

SIES College Nerul, is the perfect educational institute that fosters an atmosphere of discipline while simultaneously providing a platform for the student to bloom. I feel very proud to have had both my daughters graduating from an esteemed institution like SIES. With a dynamic faculty and infrastructure, college automatically becomes a happy experience for both the parents as well as the children!
- Renuka Barot

South Indian Education Society, Nerul is a well established and renowned college in Navi Mumbai. Our daughter Ms. Priyanka Hariharan has completed her FYJC and SYJC (Commerce) from SIES and now she is pursuing her First Year Accounting Finance course (Bcom (A/F)) from SIES only.
I am extremely happy with the functioning of SIES, Nerul College in shaping up the student's carrier by providing top notch education. It is indeed a great pleasure to note that the college is "free of ragging" and ensuring "good discipline" amongst the students.
The support and guidance provided by SIES lecturers to the students is remarkable and calls for an appreciation.
We once again thank SIES college for giving opportunity to the deserving students and showing the way forward.
- P.S. Hariharan

Being one of the most prestigious commerce colleges in Navi Mumbai,SIES has helped in the overall development of my child.The faculty has been extremely helpful and supportive which resulted in my daughter emerging as a college topper with 92% in the HSC board exams.I thank the college and the management and wish that the college flourishes more in the years to come.
- Mrs Nazia N Madre

SIES is an esteemed institution that has provided my child with the best possible combo-package of academical and extra curricular activities, The amazingly talented faculty imparts all the required skills and knowledge within her to lay a strong foundation that will help establish herself in her chosen field of career. Also, with the plethora full of activities conducted within the college,she gets to showcase the talent within her, thus helping her emerge as a confident young girl, and boosting her all round development!
- Mr. Vivek K. Padhye


Dear ALL,

As a parent , I consider immensely fortunate to witness yesterdays event. All of you are immensely talented , phenomenal leadership and communication skills were at display. Most important it was a professional and mature program , this goes to show that each one of you will be highly successful in your life . I am sure even if we elders try our best we will be no match to your skills and talents.Most important It was exuding form each one, how your teachers have made a big impact in your life and how much of respect and love you have for your teachers !! My humble pranams for the wonderful faculty . My salutes to each one of you SYBAF & TYBAF students .May you all prosper and progress ! Also do not forget to enjoy every moment of your collage life !!Very Best

- Mr. Vidya Pradeepâ