Parents-Teachers Association 2013-14

The PTA committee members were as follows:
  • Dr. Jyoti Koliyar (Asst. Prof M.Sc. EVS) – Convenor
  • Prof. Rupali Zele (Asst.Prof B.Com) - Co-convenor
  • Prof. Surekha Khole, (Asst. Prof. B.Sc.(CS) – Member
  • Prof. Rajeshri Shinkar –(Asst.Prof.B.Com) - Member
  • Prof.Meenakshi Srivastava-(Asst. Prof. B.Sc.(CS) - Member

The Committee met in the month of Sept 2013. It was decided to hold the PTA meet on Oct 2013. As per plan, the meeting was held in the AV room of SIES (Nerul) College of ASC at 5.00 pm.

The Principal Prof. Rita Basu, Vice-Principal Prof. Sudha Sriram, faculty members of the Degree College and Junior College and around forty five parents from various courses attended the meeting.

The member of the PTA Prof.Surekha Khole welcomed the gathering.

The Principal Prof. Rita Basu, Vice-Principal Prof. Sudha Sriram and three guests symbolically initiated the proceedings of the meeting by lighting the lamp.

The Convenor of PTA addressed our audience and she spoke about the significance of the PTA. She invited parents to be part of the PTA, which would meet twice a year. She also said that to support our students academically in and out of school, administrators, teachers, and families need to have a shared understanding of their children’s learning and work as partners to meet their academic and social-emotional needs.

An entertainment program consisting of music and dance was performed by the students. Each of the items was very well rendered. The songs were melodious.

Then, the Vice-Principal Prof. Sudha Sriram presented the Annual Report in the form of a Power-point.

The Principal invited some of the parents to come up to the stage and share their views. In response, Five parents from among the audience came up. All of them expressed their happiness about their wards being students of SIES (NERUL).

The Principal told the parents that the College has a professional Counsellor and many students are taking her advice in handling their problems.

Thus, the purpose of calling the PTA was well achieved.

Prof. Surekha Khole proposed the vote of thanks.

The meeting came to a close with the rendering of the National Anthem.

Refreshments were served at the end, and the parents interacted with the teachers informally.